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Using Individual pipe extractor for my job?

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  • Using Individual pipe extractor for my job?

    I have a broken threaded fitting (1.5in diameter inside) in my swimming pool wall, about 12 inch under water.
    I got the replacement fitting, but I broke off the lip on the old one, when I tryed to get it out.
    All tools are too small, except I fount a RIDGID individual pipe extractor tool (#35630) on the internet, but I don't know how it works. Would it be good to take out the threaded fitting from my swimming pool's wall.
    Please light me up, if you used this tool, or give me some idea, how to get the fitting out.
    Thank you all your input in advance.

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    The pipe extractors work by tapping them in to the broken off pipe you wish to remove. The ridges on the outside diameter of the extractor will dig in to the inside wall of the pipe and allow you to use an adjustable wrench to turn out the broken fitting. This may or may not be the answer depending on how rusted or corroded the broken piece is as well as if it is PVC or not. In either case this is a good place to start. Just be careful that you do not crack any surrounding parts when trying to remove the broken stub. I hope this helps.