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  • Boiler Help, Please.

    We have a boiler issue here, at our home, and I desperately need some help/advice. Ours, is a Dunkirk High Efficiency Boiler (Model# XEB-5), which is not working as it should. When turned 'ON' the unit only exhibits a low hum, with the slightest vibration to be felt from its motor housing. I was told to get a rubber mallet, and tap on said motor - as that action had been known to 'free up' a seized motor. I did try that, but all was to no avail. Our boiler was purchased in 2006, and I cannot find the documentation that came with it. I live in Amherst NY, and the weather is beginning to turn cold. I'm told that I certainly would NOT want those pipes to freeze, and burst, as that would be a truly problematic event. It isn't down to freezing, just yet, but it's close. Can anyone share advice on this matter? And maybe an authorized Dunkirk repair center in my location (14226)? I've Googled what I could, but was not successful in finding one. Advanced thanks.


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    I would have thought a qualified plumber would be able to troubleshoot and fix it for you. It does sounds like the draft inducer is not running - either stuck, burnt out or a power supply issue. If it is stuck tapping could work but that would be just a short term fix. Sorry not much else I can think of suggesting other than calling someone at this point.


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      Can you not contact the contractor who installed it for you?

      "Our boiler was purchased in 2006, and I cannot find the documentation that came with it."

      Most times with a few minutes searching you can find a PDF copy of a manual online.

      I highlighted your boiler model description in your post, right-clicked on it, then chose "search the web"
      and I ended up with this as my first choice.

      Look in the troubleshooting section. I'm assuming there is one, I did not read the manual for you.

      Click image for larger version

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        As Bob pointed out they do have all the manuals for your boiler on Dunkirk company's website along with a contact phone number ... If your power vent and or automatic damper is malfunctioning ( assuming you have one ) as Blue-Can suggested as a safety measure there will be no power at the burner.

        If your handy with a volt meter and know where to test you could narrow it down to what part is malfunctioning if not better to call a pro in .

        I'm sure there are many qualified techs in your area that are familiar with Dunkirk triple pass boilers since they are manufactured in Utica.