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Basement floor drain backed up

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  • Basement floor drain backed up

    Our basement floor drain is backed up, it’s not overflowing but it’s right to the top. I’m hoping there a solution for someone who has limited very plumbing knowledge. Just a few weeks ago the sump and ejectors pumps were replaced plus we had some expenses for some water cleanup so I’d I’m trying to avoid more plumbing costs unless this is something I need a professional for. The first picture is the drain but it might be hard to see the water up to the top. I don’t know if they’re relevant but the other pictures and the set up around the drain. Also, if it matters the basement is unfinished and there is no toilet down there.

    Any help is really appreciated.

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    You could try lifting the condensate drain line out and plunging it ... if that don't work you could use a blow bag ( what I call it ) connected to a garden hose to push the clog out ... The clog was probably the result of the failed sewer ejector ( which I believe is what your referring to when you mentioned ejector ) whereas some smag backed up into the 2" PVC floor drain.

    Here is a pic of what a blow bag looks like ... you would need a 2 -3 " one .

    Click image for larger version

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