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Gravel in sewer drain

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  • Gravel in sewer drain

    The sewage drain in my house got clogged and my entire bathroom floor got flooded. I got a plumber to come and use a power auger to release it. The next day I sent a camera down there and discovered gravel in the pipe about 20-30 feet out. This house is 40-50 years old and I've been the new owner for roughly 6 months. I did not see any cracks in the pipe but may have been covered by debris. How is it possible for gravel to get in the drain?

    Video Link

    I will accept you to viewing it asap.
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    Most likely the bottom the pipe is rotted out. Hard to tell from the video. Hire out a better camera.


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      Just do it ! Start Digging !! Sully
      I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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        Canadian sewers might be deep.

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        So Are Canadian Woman ! Silly Sully

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      Clogged pipes can also occur as a result of biofilm formation and slow pipe velocities. I believe this is a result of a mix of factors.
      Drain the system and install a service inlet, which can be a threaded endcap or a tee with a standpipe that is higher than the system's maximum water level. You could then insert a pressurized hose and clean the pipes as needed. I had a similar issue that was resolved by a plumber a few years ago. While you're at it, give the piping a thorough cleaning.
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