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Faucets dribble after turning off

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  • Faucets dribble after turning off

    Hello! I recently drained our water tank to clean out the sediment. Afterwards, our three bathroom faucets all showed a new problem: when we turn on the water, they are just a bit slower to start the water flow; and more noticeably, there is 1-2 seconds of dribbling after we shut them off.

    I have done a fair amount of online research, and tried to disassemble one handle to see if the problem might be visible (hence the photo), but had some trouble figuring out the next step.

    I did already try removing the aerator but it looked ok and I wasn’t really sure what to do with it once I got it out.

    Appreciate any tips!

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    Possibly air in your water line or tank. Try turning on the cold water side of all the faucets in the house and let them run for a minute or two.
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      BadgerDave Thanks! Does that include the outdoor faucets? I tried with indoor only and it doesn’t seem to have helped.


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        Some sediment may have made its way into the faucet cartridges'. Try removing cartridges and flushing.


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          blue_can Thanks! Any idea how to get the cartridge out of here?


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            I don't know for sure unfortunately as I've not seen this style of faucet before. My guess is that the outer silver ring will unscrew to release the cartridge. You can try and see if it will unscrew using a pipe wrench and something to prevent the jaws from biting into the ring like some cloth over the jaws. If not look for a setscrew that needs to be released or a snap ring/retainer.


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              pin spanner wrench
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                The faucet looks like a Delta style brand.
                I believe your issue is either dirt or debris in the aerators. Typically an aerator and shower head holds water in it after you shut the fixture. Yours are draining out and causing your dripping and delay in starting up again.

                Try removing the aerators and cleaning them, or replace them. But air will also cause the same symptoms allowing the trapped water to flow out.

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                I missed that you had not actually cleaned the aerators in the first post - as Rick mentioned try cleaning or rinsing them - that may fix the issue.


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                  Originally posted by Bob D. View Post
                  pin spanner wrench
                  Good suggestion - did not think of that.


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                    Thanks everyone! This is an amazing forum.

                    The spanner wrench did it! However, cleaning the cartridge didn’t make any difference as far as I can tell (though I would take any tips on the best way to clean the cartridge).

                    That’s correct I hadn’t cleaned the aerators and I can see that may be the problem. Will try that next!


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                      While you had it apart, did you take a photo of the cartridge?

                      A bad cartridge will leak continuously and typically at an even interval. While a bad aerator will leak until the water drips out and then stop.

                      Put a cup or tray under the faucet spout and see how much water it catches. Of course removing the aerator will put an end to the guessing.


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                    I believe your issue is either dirt or debris in the aerators OR Possibly air in your water line or tank ,
                    Some sediment may have made its way into the faucet cartridges.


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                      The part I keyed in on was that all three faucets started dripping. That indicates a more general systemic problem than a single fixture.

                      Suggest you check your water pressure. You can buy a little meter at the hardware store and attach it to your hose bib. Wait 24 hours to see the highest reading. If the pressure is too high, you might have a failed PRV. The high pressure could result in multiple fixtures dripping, just as you described. High pressure puts a strain on your whole system.

                      What is considered "high" pressure for a residence might vary by locality. Where I live, it would be more than 70 psi.

                      (Note: I'm not a plumber.)
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                        Ok here is an update! Per the suggestions here, I looked at the aerators again. I tried soaking the aerators in vinegar overnight, but that still didn’t solve it. However, I then realized that the aerators might come apart and could be cleaned better, so I screwed/snapped off a couple pieces and soaked them again.

                        And this worked! However, there is a twist. When I was reassembling the aerators, I had trouble snapping one piece back in (the black piece — see photos), so I tried replacing the aerator without that piece. The problem is only fixed when that piece is missing. If I put the aerator back with the black piece included, it reverts to the issue I was having.

                        Anyways, I suppose this means I should replace the aerators altogether, but I thought this was an interesting outcome and thought I would share.


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                          Go buy new aerators, they are not that expensive.
                          Looking at the photo it seems the black plastic insert is disintegrating
                          Those units must be really really old!

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