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    I'm remodeling the master bath here. I have a question on the twin ell and I saw a post about the homemade twin ell a guy made, but I can't see his photo's, and his profile is banned?. I'm running 3/4" to a Kohler K-2971-KS-NA HiFlow Rite-Temp valve. After looking at the ell, I've got 3/4" coming from the mixer valve, down to the ell which is reduced to 1/2" going into ell, and then 3/4" out to tub spout. Whats the point of the high flow valve if the the ell restricts it down to 1/2" kinda defeats the purpose of the high flow valve? I want 3/4" to the tub spout and still have a shower head. Any ideas?

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    Here's a diagram of the Kohler twin ell that is suppose to be used with that valve .... looking at it internally it's reduced from 1/2" threaded inlet and outlet to shower to the 3/4 spout connection . My guess it has to do with some mechanical fluid equation that prevents drippage from shower head when tub is filling ... You won't be able to duplicate one out of copper fittings and probably won't work with what fittings are available.

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      Yeap that's what I have. I think what I'm going to try is come off the mixer valve with 3/4", then 3/4"-1/2"-3/4" tee. Then I'll get full 3/4" flow out of the spout until the diverter is pulled, then it will travel up the 1/2" to the shower head with a on/off push button. Then there will be no restriction in either the spout or shower head. Anyone have any idea if this will work or not?


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        You better try your idea before you even think of tiling the wall. I recommend what kohler has shown so if there is an issue, they will be on the hook. Of course when the shower does drip with the tub running, you could always install a shut off valve on the shower head.

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          Thanks Rick, I will definitely heed your warnings on leak checking before close-in. In theory my setup should work, however it might be a little clunky and need a prestart checklist mounted somewhere, I'm going to try one of these types of shower wands, Click image for larger version

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          Not sure of the longevity or how positive it's shutoff capability is. It's kinda frustrating to buy a 3/4" 13 GPM valve, just to have it restricted down to a 1/4" at the spout. While I'm ranting might as well hit American Standard also. Just bought there Everclean whirlpool tub and 4 of the 8 jets had kinked hoses. I sent them pictures and explained my concerns, to which they replied "The areas you are concerned with the hoses being kinked is normal and will not affect the operation of the tub." Normal? Half the flow was restricted. When I replied that they had exceeded the bend radius on all the hoses mentioned, I received a quick reply that they were ordering a new hose kit and a local rep would be contacting me to setup an appointment. I had already remedied the problem. Click image for larger version

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          I believe that most of the tubs on the shelf are all the same. Anyway I'll post the results shower when it's finished.
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            You could always add a 3 port transfer valve, but unless it’s from kohler, the trim would be totally different.

            Typicall the high flow valves are used in conjunction with body sprays, rainfall showers. But once you install a diverter tub spout, you’re restricting the flow. Also the specs on the kohler k2971 valve talks about turning the valve upside down when used as a tub/ shower valve. If used only abs a shower, then installing with the valve up as designed is correct.

            Myself, personally I’m not a fan of kohler. My preference is Grohe for high end valves.

            The twin ell uses a Venturi principal to prevent flow going up to the open shower head. A 3 port or more will do the diversion without the fear of crossover.


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