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Constant subpump loud clicking noise

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  • Constant subpump loud clicking noise

    So the sub pump is working. It's just maybe working too good. Hahahaha... Jk. Every few minutes it pumps out the water. But it does it in a loud noise. It is a rigid stainless steel housing. 1/2 hp I believe. Model number possibly sp-500. I just moved in the house so I do not know how old it is. Any thoughts on how to make this thing quieter? Or do I need a new one?

    Here is a video with the noise:

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    Sounds like the check valve is slamming shut. That's the green 1 way valve that prevents water from returning into the pit. Is the pit constantly filling and the pump has to cycle to pump it out?

    phoebe it is


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      Yeah the pit is constantly filling and the pump is cycling out. But one guy said that he never had a pump do it so quickly. Usually he said that the pump would have some delay inbetween the pumping. I know I said in the video that is was every 5 minutes but it is more like every minute. So it may not even be the rigid. Its the green check valve?
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        Most likely the check valve is the culprit. It's leaking back into the sump and causing the pump to send the same water out again and again because most of it just drains back into the sump. A replacement valve should solve your problem, but it could be something as simple as there is some trash or something else that is keeping the check from closing, so a visual inspection of the valve might be worth the time before you go and buy a new valve.

        But, considering that the valve could fail in a way that you could not repair it and we all know those types of failures always happen between midnight and 5 AM when every place is closed it might not hurt to have a spare on the shelf if your budget can swing it. Same goes for other items.

        I keep spare motor for Taco zone valves on hand, a spare condensate pump used on the AC, always a couple extra air filters (they're cheaper if you buy 3 or more anyway), a spare boiler drain valve and relief valves for the boiler and water heater on hand too.
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          Tha k you so much! I will replace the valve. Your guys are awesome!