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mobile home shower faucet repair help

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  • mobile home shower faucet repair help

    i got a call from a coworker to help her with there shower faucets leaking water 6 years ago and so i went over and found the cold water hard seat in the shower valve fixture had a good size divit in it about the 10 o'clock position. so i got a seat refinishing tool and re finished the seat. fast forward to last week

    this past friday they called me with the same issues and same valve. so again i refinished the seat. but it is the last time. i guess i could install a new faucet but there is no good access to that valve, i have maybe 12" between the wall and the shower wall. and i have to work thru a closet. anyway it looks like the hard seat may be replaceable but i can't tell and the valve stem is turned in so fat that if i was to finish the hard seat again there will be no threads the stem threads to the outer housing threads. so now i need to either find new hard seats if these are changeable and new valve stems.

    so the fixture has what looks like doing a selfy with my phone to be H1s or it could be HTS i figure that is the correct positions of those letters based on putting those letters on paper and holding it in the same position and doing another selfy to see how they showed. but it is possible i got that wrong, i'm not much for figuring out hos this would look on camera.

    anyway here are photos of what i have. i had to cobble the valve stem for now so they could at least shut the water off in the shower and have water for the home.

    so the divit
    after i finished it, it looks like it is not finished but it is 75% finished the light makes it look worse that this photo
    the outside of the stem

    the cobbled stem one view extended to closed as far as i can go and still have inner threads
    the cobbled stem another view valve retracted to fully open
    valve stems o/c numbers i guess i can get an 8" o/c valve with larger extcuns to cover the old holes
    valve depth from the wall
    then complete unit from the shower side
    the stem drawing showing my last effort to make the stem longer if i can't find and install a new hard seat
    the back of the shower showing the numbers/letters but i can't find this anywhere online. but it has to mean something
    top view of the back of the shower valve assembly
    the valve stem with possible cobble fix to get this to work a few more years, if i can't locate parts. and until they can afford to get a new complete system installed. as i'm sure the house outside wall with have to be removed and the system installed and a access door installed to cover the hole. this will be over 1000.00$ they can't afford if i can't find some parts that will rebuild this unit. the housing seems to still be a serviceable unit i just have to figure out if the hard seat is replaceable and i can find that and new valve stems.

    so i have to find out what the mfg is and model and the stems and if the hard seats are replaceable so any help sure would be welcome.


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    ok have to add more photos being i could only do 7 so here are the faucet form behind


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