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Disposal of Porcelain Fixtures?

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  • Disposal of Porcelain Fixtures?

    What's the common method for getting rid of large porcelain items like sinks and toilets? Do they go to the local dump (fee $$$) along with other bulky items, or is there some special recycling solution for them?

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    Are they still usable as in not broken/chipped/cracked. Recycle, see if you local Restore would want them. Post them for free on your local yard sale app or CL.
    For a toilet some of the porcelain pieces might be of value. Things like tank lids that get damaged are hard to come by 10 years later, especially if it's a custom color or anything other than white.

    But my guess would be yes, if they are beyond use they go to the landfill as general trash and you may have to pay a tipping fee. That's why I say try and find a new home for them which will not cost you anything except maybe a little time and effort.
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      As Bob D suggests check with your local trash district.

      In our city the local city recycle depots take them for free and they end up being crushed with used concrete to provide road base to the commercial tipping face in the local landfill. The only cost is if you don't have a suitable vehicle to transport it and have to pay someone to take it for you to the depot. The city will not do curbside pickups.


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        There are a few options for getting rid of large porcelain items like sinks and toilets. The first option is to take them to the local dump. This is usually the most expensive option, as there is a fee for dumping bulky items. The second option is to recycle them. There are a few recycling solutions for porcelain items, but they can be a bit pricey. The third option is to donate them to a local charity or thrift store. This is a great option if the items are in good condition.