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    I am currently working at school on cutting a hole for my toilet flange in plywood the hole is 4 inches and we have a 5 ich hole also we are supposed to have a beveled edge on the inside of the circle so the flange fits tightly can anyone give me any advice on how to set my sabre saw to the angle that it has to be set at to do this.

    thanks for any help

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    Check the angle of the flange with a sliding-T bevel, and then match the angle of the blade to the T-bevel.
    If it don\'t fit, force it. If it breaks, \'needed fixin\' anyhow. 8{~


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      Jig saws have an Allen keyed shoe. The key is usually on the back side of the mounting bracket that connects the shoe to the motor housing.
      Loose that, set your bevel angle, and then tighten it down. High RPM, low orbit will take longer to cut but provide more control and better finish cut.
      Also - a little duct tape on the shoe will help it glide easier - and protect the shoe from scrapes that could later mar counter tops or other fine finishes.


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        Why do you have to waste your time cutting a hole with a beveled edge? I have never seen or heard of this technique,whats the purpose?After all you are screwing the flange down with stainless screws and thats plenty to hold toilet and flange in place.


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          Murf, I am assuming the reasoning behind the bevel is to accommodate the underside of the toilet. The material of the outlet of the toilet is shaped similarly to the flange....both rather like a funnel. When these two are joined, the toilet outlet should fit loosely within the flange, and, of course, the wax ring and sleeve completes the seal.
          Is is absolutely necessary? Probably not.


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            David Im not sure we are on the same page. The beveling has nothing to do with the under side of the toilet. After all once the flange is installed the beveling would be under the flange and would never even see the toilet. I would say I have installed over 10,000 toilets in new condos, apartments,houses, restaurants and even in Gillette Stadium home of the Super Bowl Champions The New England Patriots and have never seen this done.


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              You've installed 10,000 toilets? I don't know whether to be in awe of you or feel terribly sorry.....
              I see your point, and it seems you are absolutely correct. Thanks for replying.