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  • Cable adapters

    I have a K-375 with 100' of 3/8" I.C. cable and 75' of 1/2" I.C. cable.

    There are three adapters listed in catalogs but I'm not sure exactly what they are. Anyone know what a Ridgid #92687, 92607 and 92682 are?

    One might just be a adapter to use T-1xx 1/2" cutters/tools on the 3/8" cable. Two are something to do with a drop head type connection. I'm wondering if any of these would give me a drop head style cutter connection directly from the 1/2" I.C. cable?

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    When the K-380 machine was launched, there was a new style of cable launched with it. The design of this cable made it necessary to have the same coupler on the 1/2" and 3/8" cables. In order to utilize 1/2" tools on the 1/2" IW cables we created an adapter (Cat # 92607) One end is 3/8" female and the other end is 1/2" male which of course accepts the 1/2" tools.

    The other two catalog numbers are adapters that for all intensive purposes turn any tool in to a drop head style tool. catalog number 92682 is a 3/8 female coupler on one end with a 1/2" male coupler on the other end with a drop head connection in between.

    The last number (92687) is the same configuration except both ends are 1/2" connections, the catalog lists this as a 3/8" adapted and this is a miss print.

    Keep in mind that while these adapters allow an operator to use a wider variety of tools on different cables, the cable size is what ultimately determines the size of the drain we are trying to clean.


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      The 92687 would be what I'm looking for. A misprint, no wonder I was confused.

      Thanks for the reply!