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  • Ridgid 700

    Hi , all I just registered I'm just starting out and wondering what can of life can I expect out of a Ridgid 700 ?? I can get a good deal on a used one that I would like to get a few years use out of .

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    With minimal care you should definitely get your money's worth out of a 700. Check the main drive gear (where the die head is engaged) to see if there is any excess slop in the housing. Also check the brushes to see if they are excessively worn, and run the unit to see if there is any sparking and so forth. No matter what the age of the unit, every part on it is sold as a replacement. You should be able to make money with it for quite some time.


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      I love mine I bought it new from Snow & Jones about 6 years ago. I often use it to thread 2 inch pipe on steam boiler replacements, and 1 1/4 inch pipes for oil tank replacements. Nothing better than cutting a black iron pipe about a foot from the cieling and threading new threads to put a union on. It saves major time.


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        The 700 is bullet proof with minimal care
        Len<BR>Midlantic Plumbing & Heating


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          my #700 recives no care, is mercilessly used and is pushing 8yrs with no problems. It is one of the only true bulletproof tools out there. Good choice in threaders.