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Bad copper pipe

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  • Bad copper pipe

    Did anyone ever run into copper clad pipe used for plumbing? I was working on a boiler feed line that was leaking and noticed copper pipe had pin holes with rust around them (this was some years back). It was around the same thickness as M pipe. And I thought that paper thin crap some used in the 70s was bad.

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    never heard of this. is it soldered or threaded?



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      It was soldered. I only saw it that one time.



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        bill, is it possible that the rust was a byproduct of the boiler heat exchanger?
        you said that it was years ago. i guess you didn't save a sample of the pipe? it would have been interesting to take a magnet to the tubing and seen if it was really steel.
        electrolysis would be an issue.
        maybe some oldtimers can jump in.



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          I did check it with a magnet it was steel alright. It was on the domestic side of the boiler feed valve.


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            I was thinking the same thing. That it could be rust in the line.

            I did a check using Google and found a couple of references to copper coated pipes being used for grounds on electric fences and one reference to a Chinese website that mentions copper coated pipe.

            I've never seen or heard of it.

            It could be copper pipe (as opposed to the ridgid tubing we use today), with, as you said, rust in the line.

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            the dog


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              Sorry Bill,

              I was posting at the same time.

              That's really strange.

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              the dog


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                I can't every remember seeing the pipe but I did have a job where a bunch of sweat caps were failing. It turned out the caps were copper clad tin and they were rusting out. I always wondered what the fittings came from. I figured they were just test caps and not meant to be put into service.

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                  Sounds like a test cap to me.