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cutting cast iron stack

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  • cutting cast iron stack

    I will be cutting a cast iron stack in a few days. The stack is 4 inch hub and spigot, about 60 years old and vertical. I will be installing a charlotte no hub wye. I've read several books/articles on how to do this, but would like to hear any/all tips from professionals. I have firmly secured the stack. Thanks in advance for all replies.

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    Something that old is prolly gonna shatter if you use snap-cutters...I think you'd be better off with a mini-grinder with a cutting wheel...takes a little longer but no evil surprises (well, maybe, if the pipe has a build up ).

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      Super Sawsall


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        I suggest using a sawzall with at least a 9" 14 tpi blade. Make sure you've got a few of them, they don't last too long cutting cast. Also, make sure the stack is supported very well above the area below where you're cutting, as well as above. You don't want it to come crashing down on you or pinching the blade of your saw. After you're finished, go over the outside of the pipe where you cut with a metal file. You don't have to go too crazy, just get all the burrs off and give it a little taper. It helps get the fernco or no-hub on a little easier.
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          I would have no problem with cutting this pipe in the usual fashion. A vertical stack, would not be likely to deteriorate as some horizontal ones will.
          Make certain that adequate support is given to both upper and lower stacks, and the just snap away.


          Jim Williams