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Noisy Hot Water Pipe

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  • Noisy Hot Water Pipe

    The hot water pipe to my bathroom vanity sink
    makes a horrible and loud vibrating noise
    in the 200-500 Hz range when the water flow
    starts to get hot.

    If I open the fawcet all the way, or shut it,
    then the loud vibrating noise stops.

    My neighbors can hear it through their closed
    windows 50-60 feet away. They have told me,
    in no uncertain terms, that I should DO something.

    Can you help me silence this hot water pipe ?

    Thanks for any advice !


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    This sounds like a loose rubber washer on the faucet stem or the shut-off valve under the sink, or it could be some foreign object at the faucet which is causing the vibration. Since you didn't mention what type of faucet you have (2-handle or single-lever, etc.) check these things first.


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      In addition to what Levine suggests, you may also want to investigate as to whether you have air chambers installed at before BOTH the supply lines to the angle stops feeding the faucet. This will reduce or eliminate the chances for "water hammer", a common problem in installations with angle stops without air chambers. If you don't have chambers, they are easily fabbed and installed.....just cut the lines somewhere before the valves, sweat in a tee, a street 90, and at least a 12 inch line of copper into it, and sweat the rest of the tee to join the supply to the stops again. No more water hammer.