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  • Sump pump data

    I saw that Home Depot had a 3/4 HP Ridgid sump pump in stock , but I could not find specifications on line. On line specs only cover to 1/2 HP with no electrical data. . It seems to me that the tag on the store pump had a running current as low as the 1/2 HP model, but a higher flow capacity. I am concerned about running and starting currents as they impact emergency power supplies. My existing pump is 1/2 HP and is running every five minutes and due for replacement (noise level increasing...bearing/seal going ?)

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    First we need to figure out why your pump is cycling every five minutes.

    Do you have a check valve on the discharge pipe that rises from your pump? When the pump shuts off does the water in the pit fill back up with water that was in the discharge pipe?

    Are you having a large flow of water into your sump pit?

    Replacing a pump in a situation where it will be cycling as often as you mention will not solve any problems. You may have other issues that need to be resolved at the same time you upgrade your pump.
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