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Toilet Drain To close to wall.

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  • Toilet Drain To close to wall.

    I am currently finishing a basement and it is on a slab. The toilet drain is about 2 inches from the wall. Dude to the stairs being on the other side i can't move the wall back and it is also load bearing. Is my only option to chip away the concrete and re route the pipe closer?

    There is the picture of the Drain
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    a normal ruff in dimension is 12'' from center line of closet ring to rear finished wall. 15'' from center to side finished wall.

    there is a rear outlet toilet that roughs in 2.5'' up from the floor. if you can get the 4'' waste line into the wall, that might be a solution.

    toto also makes a higher end toilet that uses a sub base assy. that offsets the actual connection very close to the wall. a little bit of creative work will allow you to take that sub base and go straight into the pipe. look into the "toto caryle" 1 piece toilet for more info.

    otherwise you do need to move the closet bend to the proper dimensions.

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      I assume that by 2.5" above the floor you are refering to a wall hung? If you are it wouldn't help because I doubt he is roughed into the wall with 3" or 4". It's a bad rough-in. Jack-hammer it up and re-rough it in correctly. If you were talking a few inches there are things you can do, but I think this situation calls for demo. I get no joy out of this, but there are times in plumbing you have to bite the bullet and move on. Sorry RyanV, demo, re-rough, and move on.
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        Could you take a picture of your situation so we can see exactly what you have. Maybe we can help more.


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          I assume that by 2.5" above the floor you are refering to a wall hung? If you are it wouldn't help because I doubt he is roughed into the wall with 3" or 4".

          dog, there is a floor mount rear outlet toilet that roughs in on the rear wall. basically a heel outlet and closet ring flush to the finish wall. sets like a floor mount plus 2 screws into the floor and 2 into the wall flange with a regular wax ring. the only drawback with these is when it comes to a finish floor. there is no way to add or subtract from the finish floor height.

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            The toilet you suggest will work if he has a full size vent directly behind where he wants to install his toilet. If he goes this route he will still have to demo enough floor to properly cap off the closet riser and patch the floor. depending on how his plumbing was installed that full sized vent may have a tee on its back below the floor. That type of installation is legal if the stack is a dry vent, but it will cause problems if a back outlet floor mounted toilet is dumped into it

            If the closet flange is only 2 1/2" in front of the wall it would probably be a good idea to open the floor and see what else might be going on there before installing a toilet anyway. Its a bit less than an all day job for a competent do it yourselfer and he would then have a much larger selection of toilets to choose from.
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              Plumber Rick,

              I've never seen this water closet. Thanks for the info. But, I'm with Plumber, It still won't help.

              This guy needs to do himself a favor and rough-in for a 12" water closet. It really is in his best interest, because even if he makes this fixture work, he will be subject to it's dimentions for now on. Will this water closet be available years from now?
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                floor mount, back flush toilet

                I worked a motel job (new const) once where we had those to install, what a PITA they were, mostly due to poor rough-ins in the individual units (it was a pre-fab job).

                As PLUMBER RICK said, finish floor to flange center are critical. In this case it was due to poor setting of the flange in the wall (height above FF).
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                  I do not like wall hung closets for a residential water closet. They cost more, the colors are limited and the styles are limited. I agree you should rough in a 12" water closet and call it a day.

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