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4gal and 4.5gal wet/dry vac question

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  • 4gal and 4.5gal wet/dry vac question

    Hello, I am almost ready to buy a wet/dry vac...i kind of like the 4gal model better, but I notice that the 4.5gal will store the hose in it's accessory storage that why the 4.5gal model was created? Where does the 4gal model store its hose? Do you end up wraping it around the handle of the unit when not in use?


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    I own the 4gal model and it does not have any specific place to store the hose. It is possible to coil it up inside the vacuum (tightly), but I use mine often and there is usually debris inside anyways so I just wrap the hose around the vac head on top. One thing I did notice in doing that is if you wrap it up too tight a crease can form at the point where the hose connects to the vacuum (because I always leave the one end connected to the vac input) which over time I am sure will cause the hose to crack or break so I have taken to wrapping it more loosely as of late.

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      Thank you for the reply. Definately something to think about!