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Sump Pump depth requirements

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  • Sump Pump depth requirements

    I just bought a SP-330D sump pump to replace an old pump that quit. The old pump pit is about 14" deep with a HUGE stone at the bottom preventing me from going deeper. I followed all installation instructions except the 24" depth. Does this really matter? I have water in the pit right now and the pump will not start. It turns on if I press the diaphram.

    Pleas advise.

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    smiley, the diaphram type switch is the issue. a pump with a float type switch will work better. look at zoller brand pumps or the other ridgid pumps that have a float switch. also make sure the pump cycles before the inlet pipe is submerged in water.

    phoebe it is


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      SP 500 issue and backup

      re dc backup..........I bought a "basement watchdog" several years ago (about $500) and its the best money I ever spent !

      ALso....just replaced bmy SP330D (w/ diaphragm switch) with at SP 500 with a float switch. The SP 300D switch kept hanging up so H-Depot gave me a replacement for free. The new one only cycles for about 4 seconds. Any way to adjust the float (other than maybe raising the whole pump a little) ??

      THANKS !!