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Amer Std 1660 3-way diverter

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  • Amer Std 1660 3-way diverter

    Need some quick guidance on an AS 3-way diverter. I am coming off of a Delta Shower control into an AS 1660.430 3-way diverter. I will use this to control an overhead 8" Ondine rainshower, an Ondine handheld shower, and a pair of Ondine body sprays. The AS diverter has a high flow outlet (marked with a picture of a tub) and two others. Trying to decide if I should run the high flow outlet to the 8" Ondine rainshower or the pair of Ondine body sprays. Any suggestions? Also, any special recommended supply line arrangement to the pair of Ondine body sprays - I was just going to use a tee arrangement.
    Thanks - GB

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    A couple of things to look at. Check the GPM rating of the heads and sprays and do the math as far as which outlet to use. The highest combined GPM should use the high outlet port.

    I would run the body sprays in a complete loop. It's a little more work but then both sprays will be the same temperature and pressure regardless of friction loss.

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      Thanks for the tip. AS spec sheet shows a flow rate of 12-14 GPM for the tub port and 7-8 GPM for the A/B ports. All of the Ondine shower heads are 2.5 GPM with the flow rate controllers in place - no other specs. Based on that the two body sprays are going to be passing 5 GPM and should be hooked to the tub port. Good suggestion on the body sprays - I should have room - lot of stuff mounted between the studs. I'll have to find some pictures of various ring arrangements.