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  • K-40 cables, etc.

    I guess these questions are for Adam again.

    I just got a K-40G PF last week. I was looking at another cable, #56797, C-231C, 5/16" with drop head auger. Is that a speed bump cable?

    They list #76817 as a C-6 cable with drum but not the C-231C with drum, so I'd have to get them seperatly!

    I don't have my manual with me now. What do they mean by "with drum"? Is that what's called the "liner"? The other part called the "back drum" has a price which is pretty high and doesn't add up close to what that C-6 w/drum goes for! Is the "w/drum" come with the "torque arm" too?

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    Catalog # 56797 is not a speed bump cable. The speed bump cable is designated with the letters SB following the model number and actually, the only speed bump cable we offer is the C-13ICSB cable which is standard equipment with the K-40 machine.

    When the catalog refers to the drum on the K-40 they are referring to the drum liner that actually houses the cable and this does include the cable, drum liner and torque arm. You are correct about the C-23IC cable; you would have to purchase it separately from the drum liner. The C-6 cable is the only cable we offer with the drum liner at this time.

    The drum back is the actual drum that attaches to the machine and unless there was some damage, you will most likely not need this part.

    I hope this is of some assistance.


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      Yes, this does help! I just thought that maybe they left the SB out of the cable description.