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Need Some Advice On K-380

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  • Need Some Advice On K-380

    i just purchased a k-380 drum machine for my root problem. it seems to me the cutterheads i recieved with this machine are much too small to use on a 4 inch mainline. is there another cutterhead i can use on this model? any suggestions or advice concerning this matter would be appreciated. i also did what you guys suggested and purchased the ROOT-X to use after cleaning the line. please leave a part number if there is something to attach to it. thanks alot.

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    dive, there is a reason why the cutters are small.

    the k-380 is not designed to cut roots. this machine runs 3/8'' or 1/2'' cable. both of which are too small to cut roots. even a 5/8'' cable is on the small size. a 3/4'' cable is what you need. the k-750 or k-7500 machine is designed for this.

    the 380 is good for a 1 1/2'' -3'' line. 4'' is kind of large for a 3/8'' cable and 1/2'' cable is questionable for 4'' lines on any kind of tuff stoppage.

    phoebe it is


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      PLumber rick is right,that is a small machine for what you want to do. there is a bigger cutterthat is if you have the c451/2inch cable.the part number is 54842knife blade cutter1 1/2inch,or the 2 1/2incher 54852 is that part number.


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        k-380 is too small, for certain.

        Just an additional note. Not only is there not enough "umph" in a 3/8" or 1/2" cable to cut roots(regardless of cutterhead). If such a small cable is attempted to cut roots, there is a significant possibility that it will get caught in the root mass causing 1) a broken cable now resident in your sewer 2)a nasty case of backlash if the cable breaks 3) significant risk of personal injury (see #2), at the very least, your cable could flop over on itself when your cutterhead encounters a root mass, and tie itself in a knot that will be nearly impossible to remove.
        All in all...please call a professional. The risk for personal injury goes through the roof when using a 3/4" machine in the hands of a diy'er. Good Luck ..John