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Cutting question for Adam!

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  • Cutting question for Adam!

    I just received a oder from NorthState. I got a #62935, T113 spear point cutter which is listed as a 3" cutter. It only measures 2 1/4" across but the blades are offset. I have a 200 series spear point cutter but I don't know what number it is. It looks different altogether. The 200 series is offset too but not as much and measures 1 3/4" across.

    Can you explain the difference in looks, shape, size, etc.?

    One more question too! I have a new K-40 and I see a 50' 3/8" cable listed as a option. Will that hold a 50'cable? Whoops! I'm wrong, it's 35' of 3/8" and 50' of 5/16"!!!

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    The reason for the discrepancy is that the cutter if it were an actual three inches will not pass through a three-inch trap in most cases. However, it would be adequate to clean a three-inch drain. As far as the shape and size of the cutters there really is no rhyme or reason. We have an application chart in the back of our catalog that gives a general guide on the selection of cutters. However, in my travels I have heard many stories of customers cutting ends off, or modifying cutters to suit their particular needs. We just come up with the best design that we hope will benefit the customer and run with it.

    As far as the cable is concerned, I think you are referring to the c-21, and C-22 cables they are 5/16" X 50' long and will fit in to the K-40 drum. The only 50' 3/8" cables we offer at this time are for the small drum machines Ex. K-380. K-3800. I hope this is of some assistance.


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      thanks! I did catch my mistake about the cable!

      I also thought that they may have been using twist drill technology! If one flute is longer than the other, you'll cut oversize. So, you'll be able to back out the hole easier. How's that for a guess?


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        I believe that is a pretty good idea! Thanks for the input.