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Zinc and copper

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  • Zinc and copper

    I have a whole house filter in my home. The filter hangs in a horizontal copper pipe run that is about 5" from the wall, and it is secured to the wall by two 3/8 zinc plated rods (one on each side of the filter) that are threaded into copper hangers.

    The zinc plated rods touch the copper pipe through the threaded holes. I'm wondering if this is ok? I've heard that zinc may react negatively with copper ... I don't need any surprises.

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    in theory you create an electrolysis situation. the easy fix is to cut off the excess rod that contacts the pipe. the more moisture present in contact with the rod and the copper, the faster the reaction time. if the outside of the pipe is dry, the reaction time will be very slow. also it's not good practice to pin the pipe against the hanger and the rod. we typically use either sticky felt on the hanger or a plastic coated hanger. this applies to copper tubing, not steel pipe.

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      Ricks suggestions are good. Also a thin piece of good gasket material or a grommet inside the hanger will work well.
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        Thanks for the advice. I backed out the rod from the hanger a little bit, then put a felt pad in the space between the rod and the pipe. I also put one wrap of silicone tape around the pipe where the hanger attaches. Hopefully, everything's ok now.