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1224 or 300?

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  • 1224 or 300?

    Which one will do the work?
    I need your opinion in finding the right machine for the work. I have to thread pipes from 1/2" to 4" and the pipes are galvanize and the heavy ones.
    I had rented the 300 in two occasions and all failed.


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    Carlos, If your looking for a machine that will handle 1/2" to 4" pipe in one self contained unit, the 1224 is the only option. The 300 has a capacity of 1/8" to 2". 2-1/2" to 4" can be threaded with the addition of a 141 geared threader. The wall thickness and galvanized coating should not be an issue in threading. A quick tip when threading galvanized is to be sure to keep the jaw inserts of the power drive clean with a wire brush. The soft coating can clog the teeth and cause gripping problems. Use standard Alloy or High Speed dies.

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