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Ridgid K1500 pipe reamer--max push?

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  • Ridgid K1500 pipe reamer--max push?

    I just stumbled on this forum while looking up info on a machine we have. We have a Ridgid K1500. We bought this for a job we did last year, and havent used it since. We dont normally do pipe cleaning--we do underwater construction work.

    Anyway the job we originally bought this thing for was to clean (3)4" pipes, and a 6" pipe. These pipes extendeded vertically from beneath the water's surface upward for a lengths of 100'-200'. Our dive team used the ridgid coil reamer for this, and it worked well. We also bought and used a Warthog water jet, and that worked OK, but not as good as the Ridgid.

    This next project requires (4) 4" lines to be cleaned out. These lines are situated horizontally, which is good. The only thing is that the runs are 1700' in length each.

    Can the ridgid machine that we have do this for that length? Look forward to your replies. Thanks!

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    The K-1500 is only capable of cleaning a maximum distance of 200 feet with 1-1/4 cable. The problem with going as far as you indicated is that as you continue to add sections of cable you are adding weight and more resistance. Quite frankly I doubt the machine would have enough power to even turn such a huge amount of cable. You mentioned that this is a horizontal run. Is there any access points along the way? The best possible scenario would be if you had an access point (or clean out) every 100 or 200 feet in order to clean from point to point as opposed to trying to make the whole run from one end.


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      the warthog nozzle is a great jetting nozzle. infact i used it today to clean roots from a 8'' clay sewer line.

      this 1700' horizontal run is used to convey what product.

      typically above ground we are required to have a manhole every 300' in the public right of way. 100' or every 135 degrees of offset within the property line. even a huge vactor jetter truck is only good for 500' at a time. is this line submerged?

      sounds very interesting. i've never done underwater plumbing. although i've been inside of large underground water storage tanks that were full, looking for a leak with dye. that was fun.

      phoebe it is


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        The K-1000 Rodding machine is rated to 500 feet for 8" to 24" straight runs.
        I feel the K-1500 could go farther is motor pulley diameter was reduced for more power and heavy duty C-12 cable was used beyond 200ft. I run my 1500 to 200ft quite often and the cable (C-11) is like a wind-up spring at that distance. The K-1500SP is rated to 300 ft, I think thats the added horsepower & slower cable rpm. Best, Dennis........