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    I am trying to replace a drain in my bathtub, the problem is; The bottom cross piece of the drain, that my remover fits in, is gone. I have been looking for an expandable tool to fit it the 1 1/2" drain so I can unscrew it from the drain pipe.

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    Try your 2" reamer or failing that use your most beat up chisel on the top of the flange and tap it off


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      Use your sawz all. But carefully!

      [ 04-22-2004, 08:49 PM: Message edited by: rmurf69 ]


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        I really wouldnt reccomend use of a sawzall, it would very easily damage your tub, try a close quarters saw, or a reamer which was already said.


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          murf is cool on his reciprocating saw remedy just cut it from the bottom of the tub and use a long blade ....there are some plumbers out here that can use them things with surgical precesion but yea if you dont have the room or the know how call a plumber


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            The sawsaw method in the best to use in your case. To help with the cutting use your torch and heat the basket to aneal the metal a bit. This will make the cutting easy. Use the torch only on a steel or cast tub ofcourse.
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