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  • CPVC hot water supply

    I feel with CPVC it takes much longer for hot water to arrive at the faucet compared to copper? Any thoughts? Its seems the CPVC aborbs the heat and and cools the water in the pipe quicker also. I replaced a 25ft run of 1/2" copper with 3/4" CPVC and it takes for ever for the water to be hot at the faucet. Much longer than before.
    Thanks for any input that would help, Dennis.......

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    dennis, the simple answer is that the 3/4'' pipe is 50% larger in volume than the 1/2'' pipe. you have a dead end run that will cool and you need to flush out this cooled off water. now you have 50% more water to flush out before the hot gets to your faucets. go back to 1/2'' and insulate the hot to speed it up.


    just looked up some tables. 1/2'' pipe contains 1 gallon of water per 63' of pipe. 3/4'' contains 1 gallon per 36' of pipe.
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    phoebe it is


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      i did not think cpvc or pvc to adsorb heat ??

      copper is used to transfer heat like in baseboard heat .

      i have used pex or wersbo pipe for heating pipes , and did not have a lot of heat loss

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        Rick caught the problem right away. Dennis increased the size of his pipe which requires more time to flush out the cooler water and allow the hot water to arrive at the fixture.
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          Thanks Plumbers,
          Your input will help me decide what I'll do to help the problem or learn to live with it.
          Thanks again, Dennis......