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RIDGID Model 114 Power Head

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  • RIDGID Model 114 Power Head

    Newbie here, so parden me if this has been asked before. I looked through the FAQ's and history and couldn't find anything, so here goes.

    What's the differnece between a Model 114 and a Model 600 power threader head? They look the same, but the 114 isn't listed anywhere I can find on the web site. Is the 114 still available or supported?

    Thanks for your help,

    Kerry Johnson

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    The 114 was the predecessor to the model 600 it had a smaller head assembly on it than the 600. It has been discontinued for a while now. You might be able to update the head assembly on it to the 600-head configuration; I would contact RIDGID technical service at 1-800-519-3456 to verify and if so they can give you a parts list of what you will need.


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      Thanks Adam, I will give them a call.