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  • Parts for Kohler Faucet

    What is the likihood of finding replacement parts for an old Kohler single lever bath faucet? The owner said that it is original to the house which was built in 1958. I looked for a model # but all that was visible on the cover plate is "Kohler Neideken Patd." I hesitate to start removing the cartridge (or whatever is within) until I have some assurance that repair parts are still available, especially as the faucet is just barely dripping.

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    Hi Thiggy,

    The Neidecken is a fantastic faucet. If only faucets today could be built as well.

    Be careful when you take it apart and pay close attention to how it fits together.. Its been several years since I've rebuilt one but I think you may be able to find parts still. It will probably require a bit of leg work on your part but it is worth it if you can save that baby. If memory serves me, there were a few generations of the Neideken so if you can find a source of parts you will probably need to take it apart to be sure the parts will match up. Go to a Plumbing wholesaler near you that handles Kohler parts and ask them if they can get the parts for you. Check around and see if there is an older counterman there who might be more familiar with what you are asking for. They should have a catalog with a full parts breakdown.

    If you can get an entire kit including the brass stem assembly and bonnet and screw then please do. That is a good faucet but eventually there won't be parts for it, assuming you find them. So replace as much of it as you can. This is not a faucet to skimp on.

    If it has not been dripping long then you will probably get many more years of good service from the Neideken. If you find parts and take the project on you will see how heavy the brass is and realize that no one builds them that good anymore.
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      A word of warning, if you are able to find the rebuild kit, be prepared for a case of sticker shock.
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