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    HELP! I have askeds ewveral local plumbers(some retired) and had my shower looked at but could not get a reasonable answer to my problem.Here goes.... I have a 80's mobile home in a park with very hard water,the bath tap runs fine as does the kitchen and other washroom but my showerhead is really weird.It does not put out hot water to cold water ratios well (the hot has to be cranked right open and the cold barely on) and there is NO water pressure.I have replaced the tap set and the showerhead.I have been here for a year or so and when I moved in it was fine. I noticed it when the water was shut off to replace the sink taps but others tell me I am imagining the connection between the two.I do here rattling in the pipe(copper) and have removed the head to clear any debris while running the h20.My water runs black when left off for a time but this is typical of the area.I have been told I should install a secondary pump to the trailer bt dont think that's the answer as everything else is fine.To just run the water for a pressure check I was told it's "fine" but it really is low especially comparedt o other parts of the house and how it was before.I checked withthe neighbours and some think there pressure might be a little lower.Any guesses???

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    Is this a tub shower combination or a stand alone shower? Most plumbers and contractors I work with will not touch a mobile home because the materials used are not common and and parts for them are not usually available through mainstream wholesalers. You are smart to disregard the advice of a booster pump when the rest of your home is fine.

    If yoyu have "black" water when you first turn on your faucet you may have a fitting that is made of the wrong material in your hook up. Chances are your diverter or the channel leading to it has an obstruction. One possible solution to this problem would be to remove your stem assemblies and blow compressed air backwards through your shower arm. (if it is a shower only faucet) If it were my home I would check the lines leading into the faucet to be sure there is adequate pressure. If there was i would just replace the faucet and be done with it. I reccommend Delta or Moen, both are easy to work on and the repair parts for both brands are available every where.
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      plumber, not bad from a commercial guy. i've worked with journeymen over the years that have never installed any finish.
      i've actually had real good luck with compressed air and some ball valves to help flush out the lines. a pressure gauge and some hoses work wonders. sometimes i don't even shut the water off. it's kind of like a push and pull tug of war with air and water.

      very good advice plumber

      phoebe it is


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        I spent some years on a putty wagon.
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          Thanks guys I'll go from there.