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  • brass moen valve

    Installing a new tub with brass moen vavle the instructions say you can solder in copper. I put the copper threaded to 1/2 in fitting in and tried to solder it darn thing will melt the solder but it wont wick in. I fluxed the heck out of them butstill no go. Is it not possible to solder in the brass fittings. Have I got to put in unions and just tape them and tighten. Any help appreciated. I'm stuck till I get it done and this is just new to me. All the other fittings soldered up just fine. Thanks John

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    just a thought but are you pointing the flame at the copper or the brass? You have to heat the brass and let the brass heat the copper. once the soldier melts on the brass you should be fine.
    I have soldiered brass taps to copper in this manner


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      I was directing the heat to the brass. Thanks for the reply. I called my dad who was a plumber for years. He told me that if I got the brass to hot when the solder touches the copper it would be way to hot and just drop away. That is exactly what was happening. I was also told I could just tape the joint and tighten it in and be ok. I didn't mention the this appears to be cast brass and was told that it was definely harder to solder. Not sure but it has to be done today so one more try and than I'll tape them. Thanks John