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    Can I move my stack from being angled off to the peak of my roof, and getting in the way of my attic remodel? One plumber friend told me I need a "fermco" boot and then I can attach PVC to the top to make it straight. Heres a picture of what I want to get rid of. I want to go straight up so I have some headroom where my doorway is going.

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    You can use a no-hub coupling and ABS to run the pipe differently. Be sure to brace/support the pipe properly.


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      Fernco couplings without a fully encapsulating stainless steel band are illegal for interior use in most states. A stainless steel no-hub coupling and proper no hub adapter to either PVC or ABS will make your transition proper. If you are wanting to eliminate the offset and go straight up be sure there are no dormer windows or air inlets into your home within 10 feet of your roof penetration and vent outlet. Otherwise you will get sewer gas back into your home when atmospheric conditions are right.
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