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Grease trap in retaurants

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  • Grease trap in retaurants

    I have a customer with a grease problem. I believe his grease trap is missing parts, The bafling seams inadequate to prevent grease from leaving with effluent. I will probably talk him into replacing the trap with a new inexpensive unit I saw online at I'm wondering why his pre-rinse sink is not on the greasetrap. When I change the grease trap, I could easily swing it onto the grease trap. The pre-rinse sink must be a significent source of grease.

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    you probably know this already but, get the dimensions of all the sinks and don't forget the dishwasher and floor drain (if it's a below grade installation), and get the total GPM and with that information you'll know what size of Grease interceptor is required. Suppliers have the conversion formulas for this kind of thing. On the interceptor that is on location, is the plate with the hole on the inlet still there or is it gone? Sounds like you got a big ugly. Good luck.