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  • Just curious

    Hey guys i was just wondering: the rapid grip pipe wrench do any of you use it and is it a popular seller.I asked this because i see in our 460 tri stands they are giving away a rapid grip. I'm thinking ridge is trying to push them.
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    I have the 14 inch and seldom use it. It looked like it was a great idea but the set of the jaws only seem to work well on pipe that is too big for the wrenchs size.

    I cannot comment on any other sizes of this tool.
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      I never bought one because it seemed like another gimick pipe wrench. The standard Ridgid wrench works great. Never saw a need for improvement.
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        don't have the ridgid. but i did buy the home depot style as a closeout. there is a good reason why they closed them out

        typically we work on a pipe or a fitting. to have a wrench that self adjust is not as necessary as they might think it is. too much chance for a slip

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          i have one do you want to buy it cheep.

          i got one when they first came out and like plumber said the set of the jaws only seem to work well on pipe that is too big for the wrench's size.

          so thats Wye i used it once
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            I can see them being alright for small stuff, but wrenching on anything of considerable diameter I'll stick to the old fashioned variety.


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              havent heard much on the performance on the rapid wrench yet.. surely would like to get more interested with it..