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    I'm not sure I would want to go back to lead and oakum. Seems like there would be alot of busted-up knuckles involved.

    the dog.

    ps. I don't like this new-fangled forum design. The took away my "cool" icon.
    the dog


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      yeah lead and oakum would be a pain but even no hub cast requires planning and fitting skills a lot of these fly by night cheats don't have.
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        how about wipping a lead joint with a hot glove.this is join a lead pipe and a brass ferrel togather . back in the 80s in new york i think you needed to do this to get your plumbing not know if you still have to do this?

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          I'm framiliar the proceedure, but never had to do one. If I remember right there was one question about it on the California State Contractor's Exam. But I've vever seen it on a journeyman's exam here in So. Cal.

          I work with a plumber who came from Northern Ireland. He said they where still using wipped joints in the 1980s.
          the dog


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            What about using RTV (tub & sink sealant) for straight threaded joints in sink waste lines instead of tightening the nuts to draw down the nuts and tapered gaskets to effect a seal on the other half of the connection...


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              Originally posted by imported_PLUMBER RICK
              i went to a new client today. they live in a 15 year old 4 story condo building. i walked the subterranian garage to investigate a leak they thought was coming from their tub on the 3rd floor.

              what caught me was a set of 4 coaxial tv cables that were running into a 3'' jim cap serving the roof drains. what i found out was the "direct tv" installers used the roof drain pipe to run 4 sets of cable from the roof down to the garage to then distribute the signal into the assigned units.

              glad i don't need to snake these lines. but one day it will need to be serviced. on that day, i've got the line:

              "got good news and bad news" first, the roof is draining and you won't flood. that's the good news.
              the bad news is you don't have cable anymore.

              guys, ammuse me with your off the wall "true" stories.


              The best story i have is when i had to add a shower to a two piece bathroom in the basment. I broke up the concrete and was going to tie the shower in near the w c when i noticed that whoever finished that washroom tied the w c into an 1 1/2 drain. Thats bad eh but to do this the guy didn't even us a fitting. The guy placed the flange over 1 1/2 with some hard insulation in between the two. It must have been a home depot job eh. And yes of course i re-roughed in the w c.


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                So, PLUMBERJAY. where in Canada do you live, eh?
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                  I live near Hamilton Ontario


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                    Originally posted by Polar Sparky 1224
                    one time we went clear to the far east side of parkcity to a house we had finished the week before. The contractor said some of the outlets didn't work. I got my plug tester and started at the garage and found the dedicated outlet for the central vac was cold. So i went down to the panel and turned it on? I then asked on the guy's borhter if he new where the breaker panel was?

                    An hour drive to figure out someone can't flip a breaker!!!
                    That's nothing. My stepfather was an electrician, and ran his own little gig, on occasion he would get a call now and then from one of his wealthier clients for really simple day, he got a call from one and they said they were having a bridge party and the light over the poker table was out, could he please run out and look at it? It was a burned out bulb. He showed it to them, and said (for PR) that he was'nt going to charge them. The guy wrote him a 100$ check anyway and handed it to him with a big smile......I'm not making this up.

                    To tell the truth, I feel the same way half the time I get called out to a no-heat, or no hot water, and find it's merely a thermocouple or hot surface ignitor. 5 minutes and I'm done, and the cistomer is standing there looking at me like I'm ripping them off when I write em out a 1 hour service call minimum plus ignitor. But here's the real kicker... EVEN THOUGH alot of those that complain about that look over my shoulder likes hawks and ask me to show them how to change one out themselves next time, which I never have any problem in doing so, I have had them CALL ME OUT AGAIN a year or two later when it goes out again, and they cop the same attitude when I give them that 120$ plus invoice for 5 minutes of work.