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bending 5/8OD (1/2ID) hard copper

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  • bending 5/8OD (1/2ID) hard copper

    Rigid Catalog Number 36962 will do the trick. sorry to have bothered you all
    Last edited by franklie; 03-06-2006, 05:10 PM.

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    Um, you can't bend hard copper.

    The tool you describe is for soft copper.


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      "Um, you can't bend hard copper."

      The bender that franklie referenced may be for soft copper (I didn't look), but sorry to tell you that yes, there are benders for hard copper pipe, I have used them.

      Read about the Ridgid models 358, 368 & 378 here
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        I have done it as well.

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          So have I.
          the dog


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            Re: bending 5/8OD (1/2ID) hard copper

            It's the 358. Used it just last week.
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