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sewer replacement and camera rentals ??

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    Originally posted by gitnerdun
    8 ft deep!?!? Man, i'm glad I live in Fl. where a deep sewer is only 4 ft.
    Sewer laterals here running out from the house to the street typically run around 10 to 12 feet deep, at a minimum. It's insanity for a Johnny homeowner to attempt it on his own unless he happens to be a proprietor of an excavation company.


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      AMEN Helena!!!! This is not a job for a HO!!!

      I was making a list as I read and SHORING was on it. I guess I just missed it but I didn't think I saw anything about shoring until you mentioned it. This man could be killed if there is a cave in. It seems like about once a year there is a local report of someone dying in a ditch. Mr. homeowner, I bet your family thinks that you are worth more than $3600.00.

      If you are bound and determined to conquer this though, here are a couple of other things you need to watch out for.

      If you use the type of blow up plug that fits inside the barrel of the pipe for your test, when you depressurize the plug to drain the water, do not use your hand to do it or you could really mess up your hand. Use a coat hanger or other "tool" to operate the valve or better yet spend $5.00 for an extension so you can stay clear of the inside of the pipe.

      Secondly, if you have clay pipe up to the point where your new sewer will terminate so that your new sewer will actually be connected to existing clay pipe (at the street for example), be very careful about how you cut that clay pipe if it is necessary. Around here clay pipe seems to have always come in about 4' sections but you will probably still have to cut some part of the last section even if it's just to remove the hub. The best tool I have found for this, personally, is a rescue saw with just a standard abrasive blade. You can also use, and many plumbers do, cast iron snap or chain cutters but if the pipe has any weakness or damage to it already, these cutters can destroy that section of piping. If this happens, now you are under the street and just spent a pile of money whether you like it or not (and if you try to tunnel under the edge of the street to get to the next section of pipe, which you will also have to cut, you are an utter fool!)

      Finally, I'm not certain if we ever established the distance but for some reason I'm thinking it was around 70'. If this is the case (or even if it was much shorter) $3600.00 IS A STEAL!!! Pay the professional and take your wife on a picnic!!!!!!!!!


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        sewer replacement and camera rentals ??

        i have read all your posts , noted all concerns and listed all of the above. every detail i recieved i wrote down and included with my own commom sense and logic. i started the project on saturday 3-25-06. i had trouble finding the sewer due to the townships markings. but i pulled up the manholes on both sides of the street (left and right of my general sewer area )and measured the depth. it was 6'. my property slopes upward so it turns out it was about 7' deep at the street and about 11' at the house . i and 2 buddy's dug with a mini excavator all day and found it around 4 pm sat. finished digging by 6:30 pm sunday. monday morning cleaned around the area and removed old pipe then replaced with sch 40 pvc and 1 length of abs. also while looking for the sewer line found the water main .....twice,loll. got a lil muddy but no sweat. it was laid right on top of the sewer line. replaced the water main with brass connectors it was like 60 psi irrigation pipe so i replaced it with 100 psi .oh and 2 s/s hose clamps on each end. all went well and i couldn't get the bobcat till wed. so i backfilled wed and finished up by friday night. my soil is sandy so i had to get 24 yds of top soil and 2100 sq ft of sod finished with that on tuesday night 8 pm and went back to work on wed. to get some rest. get off on 4/29 and we'll see if mrs tugs is watering the new lawn as directed.thanks again for all your help and concerns. here are some pics of how it went.
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          john, looks very nice. what did it all cost? the rental cost, soil, sod, piping and help? total footage changed on your property and total in footage in the street?

          don't think anyone would clean it up that nice.

          phoebe it is


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            sewer replacement and camera rentals ??

            thanks rick, it was an experience glad i could do it myself.otherwise it would have been a problem
            500. 265. per day for mini excavator (2 days)
            200. sewer & watermain material
            250. 24 yds top soil
            475. 2500 sq ft sod
            100. fuel 150. beer (easily)
            100. cold cuts
            1,775.00 approximately give another 100. for additional beer.
            oh yeah permit fee's don't remember, maybe 125.00
            so 1900. and i got a new lawn.
            total ft. replaced 40' approx , 2 cleanouts (7' and 11')
            only had to replace from 2' from the stret to 5 ft off the house. the rest was cast iron on both pipe didn't have a root within 4-6' of it. the pipe had a hole in it seems that when he snaked it it hit some hard stuff and went thru which allowed the dirt and stuff to come in . also where the couplings connected were a little soft.i mean it needed to be replaced because it was 40 yrs old but if he didn't go thru it it would of lasted a bit longer. so what do ya think?


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              john, pretty cheap for all that work.

              hope it is properly graded, lots of beer can make it look properly graded

              remember my original suggestion was to camera the line. this would have located the hole and a simple repair could have been done. even posible to have done it without digging. an epoxy spot repair could have fixed this from a inside c/o.

              just think of all the beer you could have saved

              just think of all the beer money you could have for the future

              looks like a very nice professional looking job. now you can be a sewer man like me.

              don't worry, i get seasick very easily

              phoebe it is


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                Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK
                john, pretty cheap for all that work.

                hope it is properly graded, lots of beer can make it look properly graded

                LOL!! Indeed.

                "Dangit Fred, hold that darn level STEADY, and put down the budweiser"


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                  I have to say, just from looking at the pictures, everything looks pretty good, but WHO suggested that you make your water service connections (repair?/replacement?) with HOSECLAMPS!!!!!! YIKES!!!! And did you say 100# IRRIGATION PIPING!!!! I'm not exactly sure what that might be. Isn't your main pressure well above 100#, like maybe somewhere in the neighborhood of 160#, or do you have a prv installed at the meter? You mentioned a permit so I'm assuming that the inspector dropped by for a peek? Was he helping you out with the beer?
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                    I wonder if he meant 100 mil irrigation pipe? That type of pipe is connected with hose clamps and barbed fittings.

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                      sorry i haven't responded sooner. little to no signal at sea. anyway the water main is 60 psi. the pipe was rated at 100 psi and i replaced it with 160 psi pipe that required barbs and double hose clamps. i originally relaced them with plastic barbs then switched to brass, not required by code but better for mr. homeowner. and also used double stainless hose clamps wrapped in electrical tape. all in all it came out great .and mrs. tugs can do laundry again co life is good in tugsville.thanks again for all your help.
                      john : )
                      p.s grass is looking great and a few of my neighbors/passers by asked if i wanted to replace there mains thanks was my beer? good day to all!