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Overflow Drain on Claw Foot Tub

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  • Overflow Drain on Claw Foot Tub


    I have a modern overflow drain on a older (20th Century) claw foot tub. The overflow drain (Gerber Manufacture) has a lever operated tub drain (instead of a rubber stopper). Can I invert the overflow drain so that I get a few more inches of capacity (water volume) in the tub?

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    Sorry, I don't think you can easily. The trip lever mechanism is connected by linkage to the brass or plastic plunger. The way the trip lever is manufactured I do not believe it is made to fit both upside down and right side up. The brass or chrome plated plastic overflow plate is not water tight so even if you did manage to flip it over and get the plunger to seal, water would still leak around the over flow plate.

    If the extra two inches of water is that crucial you can buy a conversion kit and make your drain a "tip toe" with the plug actuater in the drain. Then make a gasket to seal the backside of the new overflow plate when when you flip it. Just be sure to leave the top clear so you maintain some overflow protection because people do forget to turn off the tub faucet.
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      Thanks for the help


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        You can take the top part of the overflow loose..Pull out the plunger..and then flip it over...Of course you have to find another way to stop up the tub..Very easy to do..