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  • rt3422 tapping tool

    Had a rt3422 tapping tool in for repair last week.found this tool to be interesting in the aspect that when i was at ridge tool 5 years ago they explained to me that you can tap into a line that was'nt isolated by shutoff valves.just wanted to know if it works well.
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    i never used this one but it is close to what i saw a company we had come i to do a taping in a 6" chilled water main . we needed a 2 1/2" line to come off this pipe . we welded a cut nipple on to the 6" pipe and put a full port ball valve on . they came in and put a tool like the 3422 and threaded it into the valve , used a drill to drill a hole and backed it out turned the valve off and thats it all done .
    i never saw this done before , it was neat how this is done

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