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    I am ready to purchase a jetter and have a demo at the same time. I am wondering which is the best for me. I would normally only jet 1 1/2 and 2" lines however see an opportunity for 3" lines as well. Perhaps an occasional trap. Unlike my drain machines I only want to buy this once and not upgrade or degrade. Hard to tell which model and accesories I should actually get. Also I will be storeing it under my rollertop of my service truck next to my 1500 upright. How does it compare in size to that. I am kicking myself for not going to the pumpershow and dont have any of my cleaner mags arround.


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    michael, the lines you're talking about are small. too big a jetter will create too much water flow and backwash. for the sizes you mentioned i would go with a gas unit 6.5 horsepower 2500 psi @ 3 gpm. an electric unit is just too small to do a good job. i do use them when gas is not practical, but it's limited to 2 hp. 1500 psi @ 2.1 gpm. also it needs a good 20 amp breaker to operate.

    in time you will be looking for a bigger jetter as the pipe you want to properly clean will get bigger. it's not just pressure, it's volume that will clean and flush out the pipes. plastic and clay will clean up the best. cast iron not bad and gal. durham, so so. kitchen sinks and laundry are best for the jetter. with the right jetter and nozzle, roots can be cut and cleaned much better than a snake.

    make sure you get a foot valve to operate the flow to the hoses.

    good luck.

    phoebe it is


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      Thanks for the information Rick, any sugestions on heads and hoses that are not included with the basic package. I started the trade running an old harben jetter 17 years ago, we never even thought of jetting smaller lines but I have found the customers are asking for it.




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        mike the nozzles are sized based upon the gpm and psi. in the case of these smaller jetters, the nozzles are very important. buy stainlees steel. the jet holes are very small and you don't want rust to plug or damage them. brass is too soft and will wear too fast at this pressure. a forward cutting jet will really limit the distance you can push. i wouldn't suggest to use this type of jet nozzle on a long, more than 50' run. as far as the hose goes. you need a hose with a 1/4'' i.d. to keep up the pressure and flow. too small and you lose these #. i prefer a very special stainless hose. very strong and not a large o.d.

        the best cutting and cleaning nozzle i have is a rotary slow rpm jet with 1 offset front jet and 2 rear 45 degree jets. it's called a warthog and sells for just under $1000. this is for a trailer jetter.

        the normal rotary jets are a waste of time and money. they spin too fast and the power of the jets are turned into a mist.

        phoebe it is


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          Thanks for the information Rick, On a side note do you know if the PDL still exists. I was on it years ago and lost track of it. It is a list just like this one.

          PDL= plumbers discussion list

          Michael Greany