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Flexible Pipe Vs. CPVC

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  • Flexible Pipe Vs. CPVC

    Another plumbing question for our new home. If we do go with plastic water pipes (we have well water) is CPVC better than flexible piping? Thank you for your help.

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    Unless your water has tested very, very hard I still recommend copper. If it is that hard you will probably want a softner to protect your fixtures and faucets anyway./ In which case I would reccomend schedule 80 PVC from the well to your softner then copper after that point. Use brass nipples and unions for the well connection then adapt to the sch. 80 pvc for the cold feed to the softner. After the softner run type L copper through the house. Then never worry about your pipes again.

    Unless your house costs no more than a trailer tell your plumber that you want copper if he knows how to install it.

    If he stands there picking his nose and says he doesnt own a torch have a long talk with your general. If you are absolutely stuck with plastic water lines then make your "plumber" use cpvc. At least he will have to carry a tape measure that way. Good luck.
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      I'm with plumber here. Although, in my opinion, brass pipe is the best for domestic water, but few can afford it.

      The problem with plastic is the expansion and contration it experiences in heat fluctuation. It has never been completly resolved in plastic pipe. Plumber is correct (and usually is) that CPVC is probably the best of the plastic pipes if it is necessary for domestic water piping.

      I have worked extensivly in chemical piping, where plastic is used because of it's resistance to acids and caustics. The problem was that if any chemical reaction takes place in the pipe it creates heat, which expands the pipe and loosens the joints.

      In simple terms, I would HIGHLY suggest copper (as Plumber suggested----Type L for interior installations, Type K for exterior) for your new house. Anything less is saving money by installing an inferior product, which I don't think you need in an investment such as you are making.

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