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    can someone tell me when u would use a running trap and give me some picture example please and did anyone ever saw this setup on a bathtub

    what is the purpuse of a running trap

    please email me at

    pictures example would great


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    the expert would be marc/ toutahnow.

    here is my guess at it. a running trap is not legal under the upc. the only place i can remember using one is on an air conditioning condensation line. typically made up of 2- 45's with a 90 in the middle. sorry i can't input a photo, but marc should be able to give you a good go at it.



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      Canada uses the National Building Codes so I'm not sure but I don't believe you can use a running trap for a fixture trap. A running trap is basically a horizontal s-Trap. You may want to check with your local building official. Here is a link to a running trap which is for an acid drain:

      You can also use a running trap at a house drain or an inteceptor.

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        Running traps are illegal in Illinois. The problem is under heavy load they always siphon themselves to the point where the water seal is broken allowing sewer gas back into the building.

        As Utah mentioned on a condensation drain where the outlet is indirectly connected to a floor drain, mop sink or another similar vessel with a fixed air gap this type of trap is allowed.
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