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    I usually hang out in the woodworking forum but tomorrow I'm putting in a new commode so I'm here looking for some advice. I’ve seen and heard suggestions for tightening the toilet bolts to "use the pinky" so as to not crack the base. This seems a little vague to me as I've seen some plumbers with some strong looking pinkies. Can anyone be any more specific? I've done this job a few times before, and haven't broken one yet (fingers are crossed), but I always break out in a cold sweat till the job is done.

    I’ve also seen suggestions to put a bead of silicone along the base before setting it down. Is this a good idea? Seems that it would make a good job but might make taking it up in the future a bear of a job.

    Any other suggestions would be appreciated. TIA


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    John, I don't know what the exact torque specs would be, but you definatly want to use caution not to crack the porcelan. One tip that I've used is is to apply pressure to the bowl to compress the wax ring," by sitting on". This may reduce the amount you will have to wrench the bowl down with the nuts.


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      The above post is good advice. Sitting on the WC will fully seat the wax ring. Cracking the china is uncommon but can happen if you go ape. Snug is the word. You will know when its right when the WC doesen't turn if you give it a little twist.
      Len<BR>Midlantic Plumbing & Heating


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        Thanks for the advice guys. I did the job a couple of weeks ago and did not crack the porcelain. I should have asked for help here sooner than I did. I guess I lucked out again! [img]smile.gif[/img]