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  • Quick vent question

    I am working on a friends log cabin style home. Kit built by the previous owner---who did not install any vents in the plumbing. I have researched and found tha quick vents seems to be a good solution for a short term fix for the bathroom. At least until she can save the money for a proper vent system and installation.

    My question is--Is there a recommended height for the quick vent to be installed on the waste lines for the sink and commode? The waste lines are PVC.
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    When you say quick vents I am assuming you are talking about the pvc or abs illegal mechanical vents. If you are and that is if you have no other choice you should install the vent as high as possible so when it does open you will not get any sewer gas coming to you. If that could not be accomplished you should put it slightly higher than the flood level rim of the fixture (meaning just slightly higher than the height of the fixture if it would overflow) The reason for this is if the fixture by chance would overflow with water it will not come out of the vent and onto the floor as long as it is higher than the fixture it serves. Good Luck. Oh yeah one more thing how did he get a plumbing inspection with no vents on the plumbing system.


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      That is the one. Also called an auto trap vent. This house is out in the county. I just revamped the electrical supply, since the feed to the house was direct buried 12/3 Romex---from a temporary panel. Been that way for five years---so you kinda understand about the inspection thing.

      What I am doing here is only temporary--next spring I will put in the correct vent system.

      She is having a sewer gas problem now--I didn't want to make it worse.

      Thanks! [img]smile.gif[/img]
      Mac<P>Problems are opportunities in disguise