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    I would like to replace my bathroom sink, and while looking at them, I found they are primarily made out of two different materials, Vitreous China or Cast Iron. What are the advantages and disadvantages for each of these?

    Looking at HD and Lowe's, the china sinks range between $30 and $80. The Cast Iron are about $80. Cost isn't an issue because I'd rather just get the sink that is going to be the most durable and best looking over time. So I don't have to replace it twice.

    Thank you for your help.

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    They are both fine sinks but they both have their weaknesses. If you drop a heavy razor into the sinks the china will likely crack where the cast iron may only chip. Then again if the glazing job is not properly done on the cast iron sink you could end up with rust at the overflow or drain.

    As for a $30 cast iron sink, I would make sure it isn't really a pressed steel sink rather than a cast iron sink.

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      definitely go with the china. a cast iron sink typically is limited to round or oval. a china can be cast in many patterns. the cast iron will start to rust next to the pop up and overflow where the glazing stops. as utah stated never go with a pressed steel. especially in a bathtub or kitchen sink.
      actually a china sink is very durable. and if you go self rimming, over the counter top. then it's a simple job to replace if you ever damaged it. a toilet takes alot of abuse and is hard to break.



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        Thank you for the replies. I was all set to buy a cast iron, but I think I'll go with china now.

        Thank you.


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          Jig saw,

          You would probably be happy with either. I would prefer cast iron due its its heavier nature but its a matter of taste. Currently I have faux marble. Believe it or not there have been many well heeled customers demand their old pressed steel sinks with stainless steel rims be replaced with exactly the same thing even though they had rusted through. Its probably just a nostalgia thing but was certainly a surprise to me. Many still wanted an old style heavy brass faucet to go with it, CENTRAL BRASS faucets were what I reccomended. They are tanks. Hope they are still around.

          Looks like you have decided so good luck.
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