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  • leaking tap

    I have a older set of shower taps that are leaking.
    It is a waltec # 40. I replaced the washers on both taps and it still leaks. The taps are about 20 years old. I am just wondering is there some adjustment inside the taps. When I take out the stem and look inside it looks like a allen screw in there. I don't really want to get into the mess of opening the wall and replacing the taps.

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    handyman, not familier with the waltec valve. almost every cpmpression (washer style) valve closes on a brass seat. look inside ov the valve body to see if there is a nick on the face of the brass seat. if so change the seat both hot and cold.
    someone else who is familier with a waltec should be able to confirm this. please jump in.



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      If you look down a few more threads you will see a post from canadadave. He was having a problem with his Waltec shower valve as well. I think you will find all of the information you need there.

      By the way Waltec is not a brand we use here in the US. Would you happen to be in Canada?

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        yea I am from Canada. I'm not sure if ths works but this is a picture of the stem. it is one piece with the seat and there is a o ring at the end of it
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          How do I add a picture to my post ?


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            Good question.