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sump pump problems

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  • sump pump problems

    i have a 2 yr old rigid sump pump that was working well until this past weekend.we got 5+" of rain on sun.i just happened to go down to the basement about 2 hrs after my last trip and low and behold 8" of of water on the floor.unplugged the pump and then plugged it in and the pump was was working fine until last night and the same thing happened only i caught it a lot sooner.the owners manual says to change the switch and the float every 2 yrs.i'm looking for parts now, but i can't bring it in for service because the water is still coming in pretty fast.any ideas?i think i'll get a new one and keep this unit for a backup after it's fixed.

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    i'm not sure about the installation requirements on this ridgid pump.

    it sounds a little bit like an "air lock"

    when there is a check valve installed on the discharge line, you can get air trapped between the check valve and the pump impellers.

    how does this happen and how do you fix this

    when the pump shuts off the check valve seals tight. any water left below the valve will drain back into the pump/ pit. as new water fills the pit, the empty pipe will trap air below the check valve. since the check valve has water on top of it, it won't vent. so when the water rises to allow the pump to kick on, the impellers are actually spinning in air

    to overcome this, a 3/16'' hole is drilled in the discharge pipe below the check valve. typically at the height of the top of the pump and still in the pit. of course a little bit of water will discharge everytime the pump is running, but it goes into the pit to be pumped out

    i've run across this problem dozens of times with other pumps.

    i've never encountered a ridgid pump before, but i think they are the same as wayne

    the most common pumps i run into are zoller, and this holds true to them.

    phoebe it is


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      Ridgid will warranty the switch,this sound like a switch problem.just warrantied 2 pumps that were 2 years old.ridge tool will warranty the switch for 2 years.
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        Re: sump pump problems

        Thanks Plumber Rick!

        You solved my problem and saved me about $300!

        My check valve blew a gasket and was spraying water in my basement. After changing it out, I looked down the well and saw that water was spraying out of the tube into the well while it was purging. I quickly patched the hole with the rubber sleeve and clamps from the old check valve -- I was so proud! But later, I found that at times, the pump would stay on even when the well was completely purged and the water would start to rise. I then found that if I unplugged the pump (which was still running but not purging any water) and waited a second or two and plugged it back in, the water would get pumped out. I figured it was a bad switch or old pump or both so I went out to buy a replacement. Fortunately, before installing the new pump, I searched the Net again and came across your posting: Air lock?!? Put a hole in the pipe?!? Immediately, I undid my patch job and low and behold, the pump works perfectly again!

        Thanks once again!