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Pipe freeze kit SF 2500R

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  • Pipe freeze kit SF 2500R

    I have purchased the pipe freeze kit SF 2500R and I am not too happy with it. I have a service company and I tried to use it several times by applying the heads at the required distance on the pipe and spray the heads as the machine turns on. I work on buildings only and I may have a flow issue there might be some kind of slight passing at the isolation valves. Do the isolation valves have to be completely off or is there a little tolerance of flow that will freeze eventually? Is there any suggestions or secrets to this tool that are not in the literature that you might have?

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    i haveuse the freeze kit flow will kill you but i have had luck using two machines use oneof the heads as a pre cooler andthe other as the freezer spray lots of water one way i have notice the pipe is froze is the frost on the head and down the hose a ways also buy more qiuck clamps the heads have to be tight too the pipe also allow room between the heads so you donot brust the pipe when i think the pipe is froze i use a zip screw into the side to drain off any water because it is easyer to but back the screw to stop the water after the water stop drill a differnt hole near the top to break the vaccum jeff


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      Thanx for the reply Jeff. So what your saying is I need two separate freeze kits to do the job. That sounds expensive. When I bought this unit I was told it could do to 2-1/2" copper pipe or 2" steel pipe. So far the only luck I have had is 1/2" pipe. I wont try it any larger because Im afraid it might not work. I tried a 1-1/2" copper heating and cooling line in a building and it did not freeze at all after almost 1-1/2 hours. I will retry with more quick clamps because it does make sense what you said. Thanks Jeff [img]smile.gif[/img]


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        i kw but the company i work for has 2 and i have used both of them remeber no flow and some times you can not go by time just ice also hot water seams to freeze faster less air