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Water lines clogged 911

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  • Water lines clogged 911

    Can anyone please help!
    I have a water softner system and carbon got into the water lines and clogged all the faucets, toilets and showers. Any ideas on how to flush the pipes or fix the problem?


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    first off shut off the whole softner and filter system and disconnect the inlet and outlet. i would hook up a hose to the high pressure side of your water source and attempt to back flush the fixtures. if it is affecting the whole house, i would try starting from the closest fixture to the filter. see if the water from the hose will wash out the carbon fines back out to the disconnected lines of the filter/ softner. you will also have to drain and flush out the water heater too. if you can get fresh water flowing, then continue to the more remote locations. keep in mind you will have to remove aerators, shower heads, washing machine hoses and screen washers, ballcock seals, etc. it might even require an air compressor with water to help get the carbon moving.

    how big of a tank was this? what caused the breakdown?

    phoebe it is


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      Rick, thanks for the response

      not sure on the actual tank size, 2 bags of carbon were put in and about 1 1/2 have been recovered. User error caused the breakdown. The water heaters have been flushed and are free of carbon particles, so I believe their trapped somewhere in the pipes. Removed shower heads and faucets but the water only trickles out, a few knocks on the pipes, and pieces of carbon come out, so i believe their clogged further in somewhere. I will try an air compressor next, sounds like it might do the trick.



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        be careful with that compressor. Water lines are pressure tested to 90-100psi in most states. If you go over that you could cause more of a problem than you already have. I would limit the regulator on the compressor to 90psi for starters and see where that gets you. Are you dealing with copper or an older system like galvanized? I would use more caution with galvanized or an old system - maybe 70psi limit.